[Interview] ColdplayCorner.com interview Ben Mor, Director of Hymn For The Weekend Music Video


Mr, ColdplayCorner himself
May 7, 2008
A week after the launch of the "Hymn For The Weekend" video, We had the opportunity to talk with Ben Mor, director of the music video and we asked him some questions about the video shoot, his relationship with the band and his work in general.

- Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a commercial and music video director that lives in Los Angeles. You can
check out some more of my work at these two sites: Site1 - Site2

- Tell us about HFTW. What is the story behind the video?
Chris asked me to imagine a video for HFTW that takes place in India and I did just that! The song has such an exuberant life affirming feel to it that I wanted the visuals to match and heighten that tone throughout.

- Why did you choose Worli Fort in Mumbai as a filming location? Was it the band’s choice?
I scouted many locations all over Mumbai and many locations were used in the final video. Worli Village had a great vibe to it and offered many moments for the video including the final waterfront performance location with all the fishing boats on the water.
It was a very cinematic and soulful location