June 18 Wembley- When to queue?


New Coldplayer
Jun 18, 2016
I have general unreserved/pitch standing tickets for June 18th at Wembley. Not sure which zone this would be in. This is my first gig at Wembley so trying to figure out when to start queueing to be front of stage. I know I can't make the barrier as I can't see myself camping from 7 am! But realistically how early does one have to start queuing in order to stand in the first few rows? Also, are there any meet ups at venue being arranged? I am going on my own. Ta!
Hi Coldplayer, your ticket is unreserved so if you desperately wanna be at the front of the stage then you should be queuing now really, on Wednesday the pitch was full at about 7pm and Coldplay not on till about 8:30. Have a fab time x