Just realized something cool about the song lengths


New Coldplayer
Nov 20, 2015
While listening to Ghost Stories earlier today, specifically O, I was wondering a little at why the band/producer/label/anyone else chose that specific length of time between the first song of the track, Fly On, and the second part to the track, O. I thought it was a general amount of time to give the listener time to reflect. The exact specific time was probably random, just dragging the second part of the song to the right along the timeline to a point that looked right. It still seemed kind of peculiar. When the song was done, I looked at my CD player. After the album stopped, my CD player showed the total length of the album. 42 minutes and 42 seconds. 42:42. Chris Martins favorite number is 42. They wrote a song called 42. The answer to life the universe and everything. Do you think this was intentional? I certainly have a feeling it was

Zero Theory

Nov 17, 2016
Wow, great observation.
It's funny you said this, because a couple weeks ago, I was listening to GS in my car, and thought "I wonder if this is a 42 second gap between Fly On and O". But then I thought, this feels much longer than 42 seconds.

Also, I always thought that the first part of the track was O, and the last part was Fly On, until now.

As an aside, Fly On is the single most beautiful piece of music they've created. Not the best song, not my favorite song, but the most beautiful song Chris has written.