Live in São Paulo Album


Wonder of the World
Oct 26, 2018
Haha sorry everyone! I am kinda busy, so I couldn't make any time to reply to everyone.

People are responding very positive and I get many PM's, thank you for the nice compliments! Happy holidays everyone!


Livin' life in Technicolor
Nov 8, 2018

Hey! I took all the music from the Live in Sao Paulo DVD (credits to ColdplayKB and rafa89 for handing me the full HD version) and mixed them together into an album. I have edited some crowd noise out, and shortened the applause.

I have the full album (with all info updated like album title, songs, number, cover art, ...) in a RAR file (WAV edition also available, but without full information). If you are interested in the album, please PM me!

I really like this version over the Live in Buenos Aires cd, because I feel that Live in Buenos Aires is somehow too compressed and too much edited.

Enjoy listening :)

(Download link removed, PM me for the link!)

(PS, yes I know that the photo in the cover isn't from AHFOD, but geez I liked it too much that I had to use it. And yes, sorry, that one beat from Life Is Beautiful is still in the album, I thought it was a nice extra.)
PM to me plz