Major Minus: Studio v Live?


We'll be glowing in the dark!
Feb 11, 2009
I like the studio version for what it is. I was surprised by the sound of his voice like most other people here, but after a few plays I think it works pretty well. Someone in the other thread pointed out that the effect works in context of the subject matter and I agree - makes it sound like Chris is giving out a 'warning' through a megaphone or something, which I think is appropriate.

Also I actually really like the atmospheric effects they used in this version, almost sounds like screaming toward the end - gives it a pretty creepy vibe, which I guess is exactly what they were going for. I do like some elements of the live version better, but this is crisp and well produced IMO. Bass sounds awesome, guitar has a nice crunch to it. And the whole song is basically the complete opposite of ETIAW, which is interesting because I thought Coldplay had turned uber-cheesy when that song was revealed :p.
^ This. I think people are not catching the meaning of the song. It's a protest/warning song. So the voice has an effect like megaphone or something like that, as in Micro Cuts - Muse. And it has more relevance if we think that actually has something to do with Illuminati topic.

So, of course, Studio version.