My interpretation/meaning of Violet Hill


whats your POLITIK!!
Mar 2, 2008
ya i think its about the world and the government......and how the government(meaning BUSH,ETC.) are..............yes u guessed it .............FUCKEN UP THIS WORLD AND THE PEOPLE IN IT!!.........

THANK YOU........THANK YOU........

chuck kottke

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Jun 28, 2006
Liberty or Death!

It has meanings on many different levels. But, aside from some of the specifics (not just Rupert's Empire, but the whole media went along with it), basically I had similar feelings..
cc: Ron Paul and the Libertarians - I do agree we have disregarded the Constitution, and have violated many of the basic rights protected by it; created a virtual king in the office of the President, and limited the ability to check concentrated power here in the US, as well as reigning in the power of the multinationals. However, the US Government's role as a safety net, as an arbiter of fair play, and as a stimulator of basic research, and as a project manager for public works, as well as protector of the commons should not be overlooked, nor be diminished. To promote the Blessings of Liberty is to promote works that enhance our common well-being, and protect the Liberties of the Individual from being trampled on by the powerful few.
Consider what are those rights thus enumerated, and why must they be protected? They are safeguards from the abuses of power, whether that power be from a majority that wishes to disenfranchise a minority, or whether that power be from individuals who would use coercive means to force others to conform to their wishes.
So the lyrics speak volumes about the sentiment of our times, and an echo of past times as well..


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Jun 30, 2008
I would just add to the original post that there is no response from the loved one, and I feel that the person is a bit abandoned in his own love life as well, meaning that some people are abandoned and abused from all sides and in times of need (ie people are selfish).


gabby martin.
Jun 3, 2008
Wow, I think you may be right..
This totally changed what I think about this song..

& to the red & white make pink comment..not really..
dry blood and white makes a violet color..


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Dec 4, 2005
I think the entire song is political and yes, has to do with the soldiers who are in and are dying in the war. I think the question, "if you love me, won't you let me know" is directed at the government (UK and US). Basically, you're supposed to love us, to guide and protect us, but you're doing nothing for us. I think Chris ties in the soldiers off to war theme in as well.

Also, perhaps no one has been on this thread in a while, but the line is
As told in the RS article, Chris is referring to Fox News.


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Jul 1, 2008
everything sound about right. but you say "and the fog became god". but if you listen carefully i hear "and fox's became god". meaning that the fox news corporation had become big because of the "war" and people listen to them as if they were "god".

larissa CP

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Jul 7, 2008
''confusion never stops''

''A sign that I couldn't read
Or the light that I couldn't see
Some things you have to believe
But others are puzzles, puzzling me''

:confused: well I guess it's about some kind of war or domination


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Mar 21, 2009
I don't know if it's because I'm hearing wrong, but I always thought the line was, "I don't want to be a soldier, that the captain of some sinking ship would stow down below." As in, I don't want to be imprisoned in the bottom of a sinking ship. Meaning, I don't want to be stuck in an organization (be it war, a family, or anything else) where everyone who doesn't get out gets hurt in the end.


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Apr 26, 2009
Here`s my interpretation of Violet Hill. It follows the lyrics closely.

An Ode to Civilization, here goes,

“Suffering oh, as I close my eyes
I lie restless under this light, purple sky
Not warm, but cold, like the night
In dreams I see the world overturned
I dream now of my past, I saw the source
A past dead, I think of home, now
Food on the burner, its been cold
Where my heart would sink, ’d labour not
My love spurned, the castle’d let me rot
Love, let us escape, into our hearts
O Spirit, we come for your blessings
Where there is nothing, yet everything”

The Shining Wizard

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Jun 11, 2009
My interpretation:

It was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow, white snow

Here, he is a soldier, probably in some war, probably on the border, during December, the snow covering the roads and buildings...

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

The "higher ups," so to speak, the captains or whatever, they were watching the soldiers freezing "down below." The soldiers assigned to keep watch on the surroundings, he is one of them.

When the future's architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You'd better lie low

He's talking about how he's been forced into this war (an Iraq reference, maybe?), because if your future is controlled by idiots, what can you do? That's the question he asks, when he says "you'd better lie low."

If you love me, won't you let me know?

Away from his love, in the freezing December snow, forced into the middle of a war by idiots who run the country, and yet, his love doesn't express her feelings for him. Why? Why won't you let him know how much you love him? What are you waiting for?

Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And a fox became God

It was a long and dark December... staying there in that enemy territory, freezing in the cold, away from their faiths, away from their Churches and Temples.. riverbanks became the soldiers' cathedrals, and instead of idols of Jesus or whichever God they worship, foxes became their God as they would worship it. (Just a metaphor, doesn't mean they literally resorted to the prehistoric times when Man would worship trees and stones and animals).

Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And a cross held aloft

"Priests," in essence, the soldiers now resorting to performing prayers, prayers for their safe return home when their duty is over, when whatever dangerous situation they're in is solved. Bibles "hollowed out to fit their rifles," and crosses held aloft. I don't think these lines need any explanation, they're pretty self-explanatory.

Bury me in armour
When I'm dead and hit the ground
My nerves are poles that unfroze

He talks about how, if and when he dies during battle, he should be buried in armour, with his pride. He talks about how, when he's dead, his nerves finally unfreeze. (Remember the first line, talking about freezing in the battlegrounds, in the "long and dark December.")

And if you love me, won't you let me know?

So, again, he's asking his love, all this could or has happened, and you still won't let him know that you love him?

I don't want to be a soldier
Who the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow, far below.

He's already a soldier on such a "ship," (not an actual ship, of course, just a metaphor for his "battalion" or whatever), and he doesn't want to be there. (Refer to the "you'd better lie low" verse.)

So if you love me, why d'you let me go?

You can interpret this line in two ways: Number one, he has already died in battle, the ship he was stowed on sank "far below," and he's asking his love now, if you loved him, why did you let him go without ever letting him know how much you loved him? Or did you ever love him AT ALL?

Or, he hasn't died, but he's pretty sure now he's about to (look at what he's talking about in the previous verse), and hence he's changed his question, from wanting to know why his love didn't tell him she loves him, to why she let him go.

I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still
Said if you love me, won't you let me know?
If you love me, won't you let me know?

This verse, from what I can deduce, is about what he did before going to war. He took his love down to "violet hill," where they sat in the snow. She was silent all the time, didn't tell him a word. So he said, "If you love me, won't you let me know?" Of course, she didn't let him know, and he went on into the battle without ever finding out.

Overall, this is a tragic song, filled with loneliness. It's about the soldier, who is in battle, he may or may not make it out, and he's wondering two things: If he makes it out alive, and can go back home safely, will his love be there, waiting to welcome him with open arms? Or if he dies, will his love be there to cry for him?


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Mar 3, 2010
I love the way Coldplay take you through a whole range of emotions - fear, and desperation, and acceptance, and all the darkness of the song. And yet, when it's all over, the lyric that you go around supconciously muttering in the supermarket checkout line or wherever is "If you love me, won't you let me know?"

Very cool way to remind us what really matters.

I don't know if the 'Love' on Violet Hill is really a girl as such, though.. To me, it's the false ideals, hopes and dreams that got him into the mess in the first place and then abandoned him to the future. He realizes they're empty - they won't speak to him - and now he's just looking for someone, anyone else to love him, accept him, and give his life some reason.

It's great how the song is so subjective - sure, there were white lies all over the place, it was dark, the politicians and media were manipulatings us, and everything was covered in snow, but hey, I have a clear memory of this - "Clearly I remember". The singes is just as doubtful and manipulated as everyone else - it really is the story of the end of the world told from the point of veiw of an ordinary person.


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Oct 28, 2015
Very interesting . But i'm confused with some of the lyrics you wrote. The line that starts with "bury me" ,i thought it was,"bury me in armour, when i'm dead and hit the ground, my nerves are poles, that unfroze". And this "I don't wanna be a soldier ,who the captain of some sinking ship would stow ,far below ". Other than that, its fine. . I also think it's written from a soldier's perspective,but i thought the soldier was dead and telling his story.Here's my interpretation.Here's my interpretation.The soldier tells of a time (much like ours) when wars were fought for meaningless reasons and for the benefit of goverment leaders . The very first line ,at the end , where they say "white snow", i thought that it meant that he remembers it was white but now the snow wasn't white anymore,it was stained by the blood of all the people that died in that war. "clearly i remember, from the windows they were watching ,while we froze, down below ". Again describes how the politicians watched as the soldiers died for their selfish wars. "when the future's architectured ,by a carnival of idiots" this tells us that the future is grimm if world leader's are allowed to shape the future by war and destruction. So the soldier says "you'd better lie low". If you love me, won't you let me know", now the soldier remembers the last time he saw his lover, he told her that if she loved him, this was probably her last chance to let him know cause he may not return from the war. "when the future's architectured ,by a carnival of idiots" this tells us that the future is grimm if world leader's are allowed to shape the future by war and destruction. So the soldier says "you'd better lie low". If you love me, won't you let me know", now the soldier remembers the last time he saw his lover, he told her that if she loved him, this was probably her last chance to let him know cause he may not return from the war. "was a long and dark december,when the banks became cathedrals" with this he tells the time after the war when money was the only thing people craved,so bank became places to worship."and the fox became god" by this he means that the rich and cunning were treated like gods. "priest clutched onto bibles,hollowed out to fit the rifles" during that time,people forgot god and craved money and power,so much so that the tried to eliminate religion. So even holy people like priests had to carry weapons for safety."and the cross was held aloft" meaning the priests,even though it was dangerous,still preached their religion. "I don't wanna be a soldier,who the captain of some sinking ship would stow,far below" now the soldier regrets leaving his lover to go to war. He thinks of how even high ranking military officials don't care if ordinary soldiers die ."So if you loved me why'd you let me go" so now the soldier is mad at his lover, cause if she loved him ,how could she let him go to this war to die. "I took my love down to violet hill,there we sat in the snow,all that time she was silent still, so if you love me won't you let me know". Now the soldier remembers that he took his lover to a place called violet hill before the war. He asked her if she would let him know that she loved him. But she was silent still.

I ran away

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Apr 10, 2015
I agree with your interpretation but for one point: I think "Priests clutched on to bibles, hollowed out to fit their rifles and the cross was held aloft" is actually a line that criticises religion and those who preach it for being hypocritical - they preach the bible and hold the cross, but in reality they are also part of the war machinery and supportive of it, hence the bibles are but a disguise for their rifles.