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New on here, hey folks :)

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Marley Blandford, Jul 23, 2018.

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  1. Marley Blandford

    By:Marley BlandfordJul 23, 2018
    New Coldplayer

    Jul 23, 2018
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    Hey guys!

    First time I've ever joined a place like this, but I have read through countless threads on here over the years, I feel that it's time haha. Feel free to say hey!

    My name's Marley, I'm 23 and from Portsmouth in the UK. Even though I was only 5 & 7 when Coldplay released their first two albums, they instantly fascinated me from a young age when my Dad played them in the car and I started playing piano around the same time, so I straight away started trying to play all of their songs by ear.

    Album after album as I grew up, they surprised me each time with their consistency of creating quality music, with the live performances becoming more & more energetic and passionate. They gave me these "goosebumps" moments upon first listens every single time around, and they still manage to pull it off now. 18 years as a solid fan, and still nothing has quite influenced me or inspired me as much as the guys have.

    It's because of Coldplay that I now do music as a job. I've been on tour with some of my favourite artists (Matt Cardle, Lawson, Christina Perri) and performed on BBC One playing piano. I taught myself to sing and play guitar when Viva La Vida came out and I saw them play for the first time. I work as an artist, and also as a session pianist and guitarist and have been playing on a lot of different records. Absolutely loving it, and I owe it to Coldplay's music in all honesty for the powerful yet steady inspiration through my life. My YouTube was pretty much " Coldplay covers central" at one point haha. And I love seeing everyone else's stories on how they were introduced to the band and how it's inspired them!

    Sending all the best to everyone :)

  2. jc90

    By:jc90Jul 23, 2018
    A Herp Full Of Derp
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    Aug 29, 2005
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    Hey there,

    I was just thinking how out-of-date the whole forum experience is nowadays after seeing Coldplaying has a Discord server. It's good to see this forum still alive after all these years though.

    Coldplay definitely influenced me to pick up a few instruments as well just to mess about, but I couldnt imagine taking it as far as you have! Very impressive, im sure the rest of us would like to see your channel.
  3. I ran away

    By:I ran awaySep 13, 2018
    A Rush of Blood to X&Y
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    Apr 10, 2015
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    Hi and welcome to the forum !