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New on here, hey folks :)

Marley Blandford

New Coldplayer
Jul 23, 2018
Hey guys!

First time I've ever joined a place like this, but I have read through countless threads on here over the years, I feel that it's time haha. Feel free to say hey!

My name's Marley, I'm 23 and from Portsmouth in the UK. Even though I was only 5 & 7 when Coldplay released their first two albums, they instantly fascinated me from a young age when my Dad played them in the car and I started playing piano around the same time, so I straight away started trying to play all of their songs by ear.

Album after album as I grew up, they surprised me each time with their consistency of creating quality music, with the live performances becoming more & more energetic and passionate. They gave me these "goosebumps" moments upon first listens every single time around, and they still manage to pull it off now. 18 years as a solid fan, and still nothing has quite influenced me or inspired me as much as the guys have.

It's because of Coldplay that I now do music as a job. I've been on tour with some of my favourite artists (Matt Cardle, Lawson, Christina Perri) and performed on BBC One playing piano. I taught myself to sing and play guitar when Viva La Vida came out and I saw them play for the first time. I work as an artist, and also as a session pianist and guitarist and have been playing on a lot of different records. Absolutely loving it, and I owe it to Coldplay's music in all honesty for the powerful yet steady inspiration through my life. My YouTube was pretty much " Coldplay covers central" at one point haha. And I love seeing everyone else's stories on how they were introduced to the band and how it's inspired them!

Sending all the best to everyone :)



A Herp Full Of Derp
Honorary Coldplayer
Aug 29, 2005
Hey there,

I was just thinking how out-of-date the whole forum experience is nowadays after seeing Coldplaying has a Discord server. It's good to see this forum still alive after all these years though.

Coldplay definitely influenced me to pick up a few instruments as well just to mess about, but I couldnt imagine taking it as far as you have! Very impressive, im sure the rest of us would like to see your channel.


New Coldplayer
May 31, 2019
Hey guys, I'm new here.

I like Coldplay and decided to cover Adventure of a Lifetime in a hard rock style! It came out pretty interesting! Hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this, I know some places frown upon promoting stuff so if that's the case please let me know :) otherwise, enjoy!

Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufGF9g_IJyU


M Marks The Spot

You're a Sky Full of Stars
Dec 23, 2017