October Coldplaying contributor - Thumbs up!


Turn Your Magic On
Honorary Coldplayer
Mar 23, 2008
This month, the Coldplaying contributor contest will be decided largely by you! We have a general theme for this month, with any post of quality having a chance to earn you points. The top 20 posts for each week will score 1 point each! You can view these posts by clicking on 'top posts' on the navigation bar underneath the forum banner. There will also be a chance to earn a few extra points. The scoring system is as follows :

Feature in the top 20 thumbs up for the week - 1 point each feature
Introduce yourself as a new member - 1 point
Welcome a new member - 1 point
Upload media on the multimedia forum - 1 point
Coldplay lyric pic (Challenge/game) - 1 point each song
Signing up to Secret Santa 2014 - 1 point

You can have multiple points for uploading media then being in the top 20 thumbs up for the week for example :)

Its two prizes for the top Coldplayer this month, member of the month and a set of Ghost Stories buttons. Top 3 get an honorable shoutout :) Good luck and remember to make use of the thumbs up button when you see a great post!