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What does it mean "amgvjcnkjajrmyrm"?

The Lonely Martian

Wait for your call, love
Sep 24, 2013
Many people had been asking on my Coldplay Tumblr. And I searched EVERYWHERE. I mean, the depths of the internet! And finally I got a mysterious anonymous message saying the name's of Phil's children. View the post HERE. I'm thinking it may have been an inside person because....

Back in 2012 when I saw Coldplay in St Paul, a very special roadie approached me (she was european) and told me the crew and band really liked my blog (she gave me an autograph from Coldplay). I was completely baffled. She showed me her iPhone and it was opened to my blog. it's how she knew where I was sitting.

I'm hoping it's correct. If not, don't blame me, I'm just the messenger! :cool:
Dayumn, another insider with infinite knowledge has infiltrated our forums! :lol:


Graphic Designer
Dec 3, 2015
Hey guys i know its an old thread but i wonder who is a j m o s. These are new ones appears on AHFOD. aaacgjjjjkmmmnorrsvy
A is Annabelle i know. But who are j m o s? I remember J came up with GS Live 2014. Who are they? Anyone knows?