What's your opinion about Ghost Stories?


You're a Sky Full of Stars
Jun 1, 2015
The album has its problems (lyrically anyway), but to me, this album is an instrumental masterpiece. I can even come to praise Avicii's production on ASFOS. The overall ambient and oldplayish atmosphere, I think, will be the closest we will ever get to the band that created Parachutes and AROBTTH. If only the lyrical content was just as good, then this album could have been one of their best. Cmon Chris, step up your writing game!

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Whatcha say?
Dec 9, 2015
I admire that Chris wasn't afraid of what people are going to say about how he showed his emotions in lyrics (or even though he was, he did it). I used to think that this album is their worst but now I can't imagine my life without this masterpiece. I especially love listening to it after a long day - it makes me feel so relaxed and calm... I just love it.


Warm Player
Feb 20, 2016
Just like AHFOD is Coldplay's "happy album," I think of Ghost Stories as their "sad album." You will appreciate GS if you are going through a tough time, as it will envelope you and enable you to feel and make sense of your emotions. Songs like Oceans and O Reprise force you to introspect and are good candidates for songs to meditate to. If you are heartbroken over someone you love, you may find that most songs will reflect what you are feeling (but they may also serve as love songs!).

You don't have to be in a sad mood to appreciate this album either. It's summertime here which is generally a time to be excited and outgoing, yet I play this album because it's relaxing (AiMH, True Love, Another's Arms, Oceans, Fly On, O, All Your Friends) and upbeat (Magic, Ink, ASFOS, Ghost Story)! Midnight is definitely a unique-sounding Coldplay song. It, along with the rest of the tracks, are good songs for nighttime road trips. I'm really glad they decided to make such an outstanding album. Yes, it has an overall tone of despair, but that's exactly what makes it great.


And I saw sparks...
Nov 9, 2014
Ghost Stories was the first Coldplay album I was aware about close to release date and so it always will hold a special place in my heart. The lyrics though subpar on a lot of tracks are very great and emotionally provoking on tracks like Always in My Head, Fly On, Midnight, and Oceans. I also adore the atmosphere of the album and the soundscapes that were created during the creation of the album. To me the, in the music, there is almost never a dull moment, and I love that. But like I sort of touched on, not everything about Ghost Stories is great, even just pertaining to the music. So i'm actually deciding to create a Ghost Stories Remastered, inspired partly by Dexynboy's edits and SprayCanSoul's edits, but also by my love to create music. I'm gonna make a thread about it but I expect it to be ready in a few weeks so if you have a chance check it out. Ghost Stories is probably in my top 3-4 favorite Coldplay albums.


You could be me, I could be you
Sep 26, 2014
I just finished listening to Ghost Stories in full for the first time in a while, and I don't know why, but it just "clicked" for me more than it did in the past. I still find the lyrics a bit cheesy, and I am a bit annoyed by the lack of Will's real drums, but as the above poster stated, the atmosphere, emotion, and soundscapes are beautiful. Even True Love and Another's Arms don't sound all that bad, especially when Jonny's guitar solos come in later on. A Sky Full of Stars is still EDM-overload for me. The pieces of a great song are there, though; if it had the more rocking sound of the live versions that the band has been playing on the AHFOD tour, it would be much-improved.


Livin' life in Technicolor
Jun 19, 2008
Like usually with CP, you begin appreciate album and songs after some time.

Yesterday I eventually watched Chris Martin extremely personal one hour interview with Zane Lowe. Couple of weeks ago I've been at the gig in Amsterdam (24th June). Even earlier I started to listen GS again and re-watching some moments from concert-movie (best time for it a deep, black night).

The songs I can't stand earlier today one of my favourites - Always In My Head, ASFoS, and I like Midnight more then ever before. And O/Fly On is absolutely magical track. It's always been. I also adore bonus tracks - especially All Your Friends.

Can't add anything to those great comments above. I'm not too soft person nowadays, but when I'm hearing this sound with angelic voices I feel strange conflicting emotions like joy and sadness simultaneously. Damn it, Coldplay!

Simply extraordinary album. I would dare put it on the same shelf with ARoBTTH.


You're a sky full of stars
Jul 2, 2016
Ghost Stories is a sad album and I love it.

When I first listened to it, I thought to myself WTF?

Lyrics very simple, straight to the point.

Production sounds fairly simple (I'm sure it wasn't) and far from rock music and yet I love it.

Very dreamy indeed.

I often listen to this album in order as to me it tells a story in a sad and beautiful way with a happy ending.

It is my 2nd favourite album behind Mylo Xyloto.

I love the Album cover too. So much that I use it as my home screen on my pc and my phone.