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Rate the latest movie you've seen

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I can normally tell if a film's going to be good in the first five minutes. If it hasn't grabbed me in that time, I might as well give it a miss as I'll only end up wasting my time otherwise.

The thing about "Knight And Day" was that it actually started quite well, and it was only once the first "action" scene started that I realised it was going to be pathetic.:dozey:

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Juno 8/10

I like that movie, I wanted to watch it again.


I'm gonna watch it today, decided to watch a "lighter" movie for a change.


last movie I saw was Donnie Darko, finally watched it. It was a good movie I give it a 6,5/10

would have liked it more a few years back, probably

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i dont know what yall are talking about? run fatboy run is excellent!


For my wasnt much funny, compared with the other movies he made (hot fuzz, shaun of the dead) it was pretty bad. Bad for my, maybe for other people was awesome.

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