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it wasnt suppose to be a huge comedy

i might be favoring cause david schwimmer from friends directed it


Well it seemed to be another one of those films which couldn't make up its mind what it was supposed to be.:dozey:

Shaun of the Dead, on the other hand, was clearly meant to be nothing other than a total spoof, which worked fine.;)

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At the end of the film, I realized that it was based on a comic I bought a long time ago but never read. And now I'm torn cause I want to read it, but I know the ending already and it makes me a little sad.

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no that's the main guy

the guy in run fatboy run who fights simon pegg is who i am talking about


Dylan Moran. He's great.


He's in this awesome tv show...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A10PvpbPJZw]YouTube- Black Books - Bernard Avoids Doing His Tax Return[/ame]

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3/10 This film was a big waste of time. I didn't even finish it because it was so boring. Literally NOTHING happens.


This was my face watching it: :blank:


i really wanted to see that too, especially for the starbucks line in the trailer

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