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Rate the latest movie you've seen

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I Am Slave - 9/10

its about modern day slavery and really moving.

Hitch - 6.5/10

a lot better than i thought~

The Deep Blue Sea - 6/10

The Way Back - 8/10

beautiful, great story etc.

Meet Dave - 6/10

War and Peace - 7/10

Identity Thief - 1/10

it sucked

Sleepless In Seattle - 6/10

idk this film just irritated me in some ways and i disliked the main characters and i know it's supposed to be great.

Anchorman 2 - 7.5/10

i found it really funny.

The Master - 8/10

at the beginning i was like uhh this sucks but then it gets more into the cult stuff and i think its great.

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The Great Gatsby (2013): 3.7/10 - a swing and massive miss. So much to comment, but bad casting tops the list.


At the Tromsø International Film Festival


Blue Ruin 9.1/10

Present Tense 7.6/10

Una Noche 8.2/10

Judas 7.5/10

The Geographer Drank His Globe Away 9.4/10

Computer Chess 8.4/10

Quai D'orsay 7.6/10

Bastards (Les Savants) 5.8/10

Ummah - Untere Freunden 8.8/10

Nebraska 8.8/10

In Bloom 7.5/10

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Adam - 8.5/10


A great mixture of emotions for me. A movie about a person with Aspergers syndrome struggling with everyday life.

The main actor did an incredible performance, it was very convincing and moving. This is one of the rare movies that will make me think about them for quite an amount of time.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 8.5/10


I really liked it a lot. I like that Captain America seems to have good morals...still don't think I'll ever really care much for his suit though. :shrug: The Winter Soldeir guy was pretty cool...I probably would have understood some things a bit better had I watched the first Captain America movie before hand though...

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The world's end - 6/10 - Lots of clichés and not that funny.

Her - 9/10 - Very delicate movie; I liked how it doesn't take for granted that nowadays' technology ruins human interaction, as is the common belief, and suggests instead that it introduces different kinds of interaction and experience.

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I just watched the trilogy of Jason Bourne. It was cool :D. Sometimes, I like to have the training that they had. It's kinda cool to be like one of them. I'm confused though, with the actions of the CIA there. I was thinking, if you are doing something bad for a good cause, is it bad at all? Anyway, here's my rating :)


Identity - 9

Supremacy - 10

Ultimatum - 10

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