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What are you thinking right now?

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i made this on a madlib on line


"If I were a baseball..."


If I were a baseball, I would make sure my Ass always sharted. I would watch the sign from the catcher and leave the sluts hand as the pitch that the crap called for.


If I felt he made a sexy call, I would then change the type of pitch I was and make sure the dick did not fuck me. I might even start to weave in and upyoass to confuse the pussy. It would be so fuckingawesome to be a baseball!

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Back in the 80s, it was satanic messages in heavy metal music that they blamed. Blame music, blame video games, blame society...just as long as you don't have to face blame yourself. This wouldn't have happenned if they had evacuated the school after the first shooting. Simple as that.

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