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is so hard to make a tracklist of music to use while writing and not put a music that will distract me from writing, and make myself move with the melody or sing along, at the moment. :| cause use Vivaldi while developing a sort of Moriarty is so cliché. :dozey:


how can i fill in the gaps to develop a story which i have the end in a 5 years time in the future now?


week will be busy, and i still dunno what to write for thursday. :uhoh:

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omfg stop letting her feed her own depression with yours you are failing her as a friend but at least she's all but abandoned me fuck you and fuck humanity because everyone i've ever known has fucked me over


if you exist, then why does this

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^Mine raised me Anglican, but then went on to become a Pentecostal, A Presbyterian and now a Catholic,lol! She moved here to be closer to me years ago, and is the most unaware possessive person I've ever met! She broke ties with her own mother for similar reasons but doesn't recognize the same behaviour in herself.


She recently told me I should 'get right with God' so that she could be with me in 'Eternity'. GAH! Loving, or CREEPY?


Sorry to rant...


Incubus: An evil spirit supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep.


I just like their music,lol. :lol:


CREEPY hahah


Uh ohhh, looks like I'm going to hell cause I like a couple Incubus songs :P

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Same here


Mine is forcing me to hang out with her and my EX tomorrow.


I haven't seen him for like a year and a half...I am so freaking nervous.


You should get all hot and push your bewbz up and stuff and he'll be like : (

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^UGH! Yeah, your whole head feels that kind of pain. Not fun at all!


Its ridiculous pain. I had to have an extra needle full of anesthetic too. so my face is swollen right out. I'm living on soup and ice cream too.

It is nice to have someone looking after me though.

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