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What are you thinking right now?

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that I'd actually forgotten how amazing Parachutes still is after all these years!:D


yeah. but it makes me feel old though lol how come it's been already 12 years :dead: thats exactly when i started to listen them :|



come on, show me you're different :( i dont want feel bad, it's like.. you only gave me that cause you feel bad for me :\ :( argh...

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shall i tell my now living in the USA cousin about how crappy will life turn in our country now?

no xmas payment, hard to get the right to medical care, medicines cost rise for chronical sickness, tax rise... or do i keep her in a world of fantasy saying everything is fine?

for a writer it feels so weird.

i need to go abroad or something too.

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Come ooonn.....it was supposed to be today :bomb: I hate waiting :bomb:


And now something about myself has become very clear: if I'm waiting for something in particular, I absolutely can not accomplish any task until it's finally happened :| Not the best thing when you've got things to do :|

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