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What are you thinking right now?

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Too much to do this morning, by seven there will be no internet or radio as I have to hop in a truck and shift my daughters furniture, wont get home till about 1pm then I can relax but I never got anymore sleep so am going to be tired later I think..I also hope the bloke got my message..

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ipods are great for work if your allowed to have one, i used to..

been suffering alot of strange headaches the past two weeks and hoping its just a bug but it is rather strange if it persists in a week i better go to the quas

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I've been having some problems with allergies as well, which is weird because I never have issues. It's been pretty hard for me to go outside or drive in the car with the windows down lately....totally sucks


I just ate ice cream though, it was pretty good.


Kinda feeling a bit sad today for some reason :/ I hope I feel better, I hate feeling like this

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