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Answer the question above you

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I haven't had a really nice date like going for a meal or something romantic, but probably bout 7 months ago, and like I said it wasn't romantic, it was me watching him and his mates getting pissed



What drugs have you, if you have, done/tried?

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I would try to keep it a secret, I'd get my dream house and put some money aside for college and the future, give some to my family, I'd like to go to Ghana and work with the children, erm I'd get AAAA LLLLOOOOOTTTTT of band merch, I'd get a classic lambretta, I'd go and see the bands I love like The Who and Coldplay on the next tour etc etc




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I'd buy a nice house and then use some of the money to help with starting my own little bakery. Then save the rest and use it when it's needed.


What is your favourite kind of cake?

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No, because even though I've made many (many many many many) mistakes, I've learned from them and they've made me who I am today.


If you were to write a book:

Who would be your main character? (Name/personality)

Where would it be set and what year?

And what would be the story line?

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Ohh I actually want to write a book. I've written some pages and all...

My main character's name is Jonny. He is short and shy. He loves music and he is quite introvert.

It's set in a town near a big city, in the present.

It's a bit sci-fi, he gets to a spaceship and travel with aliens. Then he has to decide wether he wants to stay with them or go back home to live the ordinary life he had.



Are there any mistakes you have made in your life which you would change if you could?

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I really like trains, as long as they're fast and on time. Oh, and cheap.


Have you ever asked a question here expecting that whoever answers it puts "sq" so that you answer your own question in the first place? If you have, pick one of those and answer it ;)

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