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~*~ The Official Will Champion Appreciation Thread ~*~

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If anyone wants to send Will a message for his 2020 birthday you can join in with a project being put together by:- https://twitter.com/shreyarealone  or    https://www.instagram.com/stories/shre

The mighty W.C.

2:03..... my favourite part of the song!!!:heart_eyes: I think this performance on Graham Norton's show is actually their best TV performance so far. Will's vocals fit just perfectly (2:11 --- 2:25)

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good enough, not too busy here at work. It drives me nuts that I cant check my email or bank account or any of the other things that are blocked for stupid reasons. I was thinking about making shirts for us for the texas shows. Maybe one of Jonny for you the pic in his sig with Texas on his shirt maybe? I dunno, I really like looking like a total Coldplay freak when I go to their shows. LOL

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Hello my lovelies!!! I just dropped in to say hi! I can't be on long because I have to go stay with my parents for the night. Which translates into bed at 11pm and no internet. I swear, staying with your parents at the age of 24 really fucking bites. But I'm going to try to set up my crappy old laptop so I can get some Coldplay meeting pointers!


If I can't tonight, I'll be on tomorrow night after work! OMG!!! TWO MORE DAYS TIL I MEET THEM!!!! :o :D



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