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~*~ The Official Will Champion Appreciation Thread ~*~

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If anyone wants to send Will a message for his 2020 birthday you can join in with a project being put together by:- https://twitter.com/shreyarealone  or    https://www.instagram.com/stories/shre

I personally think Jonny should have a very small beard, it suits him, like during AHFOD Tour. Will during MX tour was probably the best look out of him during all tours, in my opinion. Will with smal

The mighty W.C.

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Hello, ladies! I am SO sad right now!


I went into a calender store in the mall in hopes of finding the Coldplay calender. Keep in mind that this is a store that sells strictly calenders! I looked around and saw calenders for Viva La Bam, Backstreet Boys and lots of kittens but NO COLDPLAY! I asked the lady at the counter and she just stared at me...that's it...just stared.


Now I'm on the prowl for the calender...grrr...it's brought me all kinds of down! Can someone cheer me up with any Will goodies? :cry:

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I.Am.Will.Obsessed, i had the same problem on Saturday, i went all the way to the nearest HMV store bcoz it was supposed to be out on October 1st, but they didnt have it in stock, i was so mad, i think i scared the poor sales man. So i ordered it off the internet instead when i got home :) !

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^yeah, carol is right...we are very unlucky because is very difficult to find coldplay stuff here... :cry: once I was walking happily near my house and then I saw a coldplay poster in a bookstall...i almost cryed because i've never seen a coldplay poster before in my whole life...I started running to get into my house and catch my money to buy it! :P

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I just got back on and look who isn't online! Missed you again, Mary!


I finally downloaded the VH1 Storytellers of our favorite band on earth...my god...made me realize again just how FRIGGIN' AWESOME AND TALENTED THEY ARE!!! And funny...very funny...


*sigh* I've fallen in love with them all over again... :D

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