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^^nop! I know carlos is dj, but also mr. paul banks has recently incursioned into the dj thing!! he likes HIP HOP! hehe... my doubt is becuase I haven´t seen anything on the official forum so I dont know if is recent..

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she's referring to the song being underrated.... :p I think its not a jam you can 'jam' to, but one that should be listened to whilst doing something else... like walking down a busy street or driving.. etc.

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you'll have to install and configure which DC++ port thingy to use.. but first you need to register at that site.. all the instructions are there..


the guy who runs the hub is ace... his name is John.. (at least I think so... lol) but his username there is John Galt. He's really nice.. at least to me he was.. I should go visit...


it helps if you have broadband or cable.... dial-up just takes too much time..

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I've had state testing all week in school, and every single morning before starting the test I've blasted Leif Erikson. For some reason it calms me and keeps me from going totally insane with the mundanity of it all.... :snore: I have no clue why I have such an infatuation with that song, but I definately do.



Zu, your avatar is the funniest thing :lol:

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Zu' date=' your avatar is the funniest thing :lol:[/quote']


isn`t cute?!! :smug: :grin: :tongue3:



but Camille has a great one too!! is that paul? :stunned:




my life is just a slow train:Zu

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