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One of my favourites these days:        

There's an indie artist I love named Tyler Shaw, whose solo project is known as Aviators. He has made some incredible music, especially over the last five or so years. He's known for music inspired by


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Something more electronic style based here but not really in the mainstream sense although it does have some dance elements in it.

But this is an incredibly unique track, it feels so dreamy and genuine, this definitely isn't run of the mill stuff. Wish songs like this were popular at least. But it isn't unfortunately. Haven't heard much like it before, I hope more stuff like this comes out soon

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Currently listening to my favorite album of all time, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Still cant get over how great this album is. The diversity in this album is incredible, I just love it! This will forever be their magnus opus, as well as A Rush of Blood.



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Not Crest Of Waves? :p


Good luck today!


Talk was the first Coldplay song that came up today, followed by Death and all his friends. :)


Haha thanks ! I had a long train journey during which I listened to the AROBTTH album twice :)

And now on my way to work I will listen to Don't Panic since that is what got chosen :D

(Just realized it's the anniversary of the Starfish concert today too !)

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Everything's Not Lost



A nice way to end my day with this song


^ I'm currently listening to what he just posted ;)

It seems it's a Parachutes day! I'm listening to the whole album right now :)

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