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well "Talons" which wasnt going to be on the album..but now is..


and "Letter To My Son" and "Your Visits Are Getting Shorter" :D


havent listened to them yet..just uploading to itunes :D


Omg, those two songs are incredible! I'm very impressed! :D What an amazing album!

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it just annoys me when people ask things that a quick google could solve


try to find it.


really dont annoy me, if did it my answer had been completly diferent.

but be more nicest with people, cuz in life you will never know how the people go treat you.


anyway have a nice day.


so if there someone with lyrics, plis post it :nice:

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The link won't work for me :( What does it say?!


Bloc Party will release a brand new single 'One More Chance' on the 10th of August through Wichita Recordings.


The new track was recorded in April with Jacknife Lee and mixed with Phillipe Zdar.


'One More Chance' will be aired for the first time on Zane Lowe's Radio One show this Thursday 18th June.

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