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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?

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I'm bumping my dream cause Nettie had some part of it ;)


Okay, I can't decide if my dream was good, sexy or just wierd.. anyway:


Coldplay where doing this endoftourshowthing on a field that looked a lot like Hyde Park and all of us were there, just coldplaying-people and not many of us, around 200 or somthing. I was standing next to Nettie so close to Guy I thought I was gonna die.. and they were doing 'White shadows' but in the end both Guy and Chris left the stage and Jonny and Will started jaming so we all rocked.. then they left the stage to and everyone was like: wtf?! and out walks Chris (crazyhair and all) in a Sgt Pepper-type jacket but it was much longer and darkblue. He starts to play this song on the piano and I look around me and just about 10 people are left.. then I realise what song it is, 'Careless whisper'. Chris starts to sing and when he starts with: I'm never gonna dance again.. Guy walks out and me and Nettie starts to scream.. then he stands there for a while just watching us and he starts to move towards us in a sexydance-way, I hear a noice and I see that Nettie has passed out but I don't care so I just watch him. He reaches for my hand and I take a step forward but I slip on something and falls back down a hill.. then I land on something and after a while I notice it's Jonny and he is hard like a rock..


Then I woke up.


edit: Jonny was hard in the dirty way.

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cool thread =)


a dream i had....the guys and i had a session where they taught me how to play guitar and write music chords. it turned out to be some wicked dream, because one of the chords i remembered in my dream, i used it on my music theory test at school, and i scored big points x)

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^^Holy mama. :stunned:


Last night, I dreamed that the boys were on Punk'd :laugh4: (Yeah, stupid, I know.)

I can't remember too much about it really, but I think Jon, Guy and Will were trying to punk Chris or something.

They were in this café (which looked a lot like Central Perk, btw *lol*) and were just jovially talking until Jonny got really serious and was like "Chris, we need to talk" lol.

Guy and Will were explaining to him how they didn't feel comfortable with where the band was going or something and Will ended with "We want to try out new things, you know. With a new singer, Chris." (lmao)

Chris seemed to be a bit shocked first, but then started grinning and made some comment like "Oh, is this one of your 'the rhythm section takes the singer for a ride' kind of things again?" Nobody said something and Chris started to look a bit nervous. "Will, come on. This was your idea, wasn't it?" he was kinda faking a laugh. But Will just looked at him sadly for a moment and then stared at the floor. So he turned to look at Jonny, who shook his head with a "I'm sorry, Chris..." (so dramatic, haha!)

Chris sort of completely flipped then, with screaming and swearing and knocking over tables :laugh4:

Then Ashton Kutcher came in and the whole thing was over, like my dream.


So stupid 38170775.gif

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WTF :laugh4: :laugh4: :laugh4:


I haven't had a CP dream in awhile. :sad: The last one I had, I got to meet them, but most of them seemed really distracted. Strangely enough Guy was the really warm one, shaking my hand and patting me on the back and joking with me. Jonny was the one I had to chase down and couldn't even catch!


*sigh* That was it. :laugh4:

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^^ haha ladybug and km funny dreams :laugh4:

erm last dream i had about coldplay was erm a bit weird...and it only involved chris...basically it started with me.chris and another person entering a bedroom and we looked at the bed and then the person got in at the far left side of the bed then chris got in next to him/her then there was a little space left next to chris at the right side right near the edge....i was unsure what to do then chris beckoned me on :o to get in so i did so ,feeling very cramp.then the covers went round me and i faced away from chris.then he started to move his fingers up and down my neck and back :laugh4: how very weird......:lol:

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:laugh4: Dang man... that is potentially traumatizing, waking up from something like that.


I get all excited and mad about "I can't wait to tell my mom I just hung out with Coldplay!" and waking up. :laugh4:

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I am jealous of your dreams. :laugh4: :laugh4:


Steph, it seemed like just yesterday you were popping your 10,000th post cherry in the Chris and Jonny thread... and now... :stunned: !

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