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1Live secret gig

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ok heres what she said: FIX YOU & TALK!


Coldplay played a secret gig yesterday (Wednesday 7th April) in Cologne, Germany, powered by the Radio Station 1Live.


The setlist was:


1. Square One

2. Politik

3. Speed Of Sound

4. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

5. Warning Sign


7. X&Y

8. Yellow

9. Low

10. The Scientist

11. Til Kingdom Comes

12. Clocks

13. What If


14. In My Place

15. A Message

16. Fix You



"Speed of Sound" is the right choice for being the new single. "Politik" was (again) great, but at the wrong spot, because it took some of the power of "Speed of Sound". "What if" is the strongest Coldplay song on the upcoming tour. It takes a big piece of "The Scientist" with some more spice. Great! The girls loved "Til Kingdom Come", more or likely an "apple-is-goin-to-bed"-song, but still cute. "Fix You" was surprising and could also become a single. A lovely evening and worth all waiting for 13hours for the tickets. The "Twisted Logic" Tour can begin...


...and the CD has to be released, the waiting hurts ;)

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