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Death Cab For Cutie!

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I refuse to listen to them because my ex's new gf likes them.


Don't shrug a band out just becasue you're holding a grudge. You might be missing out on something good.


I do like some of Death Cab for Cutie's stuff...but i do lean more towards The Postal Service.

By the way, there's a car commercial with one of their songs. (The Postal Service)

The song was (We Will Become Silhouettes )

I thought that was pretty sweet when i heard something real familiar on that commercial, i sat there trying to figure out who/which song it was. Turns out it was the same one i had left playing in my CD player, so when i stepped back into my room, i heard the song again. Pretty cool feeling there, i gotta say.

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I saw them live last night' date=' they were awesome :) And the band that opened for them, called Stars, was reeally good as well.[/quote']


U was there too, I was right in the middle of the brawl that happened midway through the concert. I can understand a Rap concert, but a death cab...LOL?


The sound was terrible, even Death Cab hated it.

Wasn't the best concert I went too, but "Different Names" made up for it. Stars had a great sound.

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lucky to those who got to see them! i was in the hospital when they were performing in NY. i wish i could have rolled my bed down the street...


Planes is an incredible album, although Transatlanticism is my favorite. But the first time i listened to Planes and heard "What Sarah Said" i freaked the hell out. i wanted to return the damn cd, that how creepy it was. but now it is one of my absolute favorites. i made some of the lyrics in LJ icons, :lol:

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i saw them in NY. i was standing on the left side so ben gibbard was right in front of me.. i love how he waddles in place when playing :lol: it was a great show.


transatlanticism is my favorite album too.. he sings a lot higher in Plans.. but my favorite song is Photobooth.

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I can't say that I am Death Cab fan because I only own one album--Transatlanticism--, but I LOVE that one album. Just the song "Transatlanticism" makes me cry like a freakin' baby! "Soul Meets Body" sounds like a great song, too, but I haven't decided if I want to buy their new album.

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HECK YEA!!! guess who just got their signatures and took a pic with them!!!! :D!!! well half of them.. only ben gibbard and nick harmer were there.


yeah i look retarded in the pic coz im really overly excited.. and theyre doing their model pose.. i SWEAR they were smiling RIGHT before this picture was taken :lol:

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