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I have a 'story' to 'tell'....*wink* [Storytellers 2005]

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dude, quit it.. I havent said anything to 'you' I was merely defending myself.... which I dont see why I need to since everyone can see that you are the one that likes to fuel fires around here. this is the last comment I will make on the matter. Should you continue and carry on like a 2 yr old... I will send the warning to Stephen.. he willdeal with you while Ian and Jen are away.


good day. :)


don't play the victim role :rolleyes:

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thank you thank you.. this will have to hold me over until September!! :lol: I hope I get tickets!!


I have already responded to my ticket lotto thingy... so I am all set for the pre-sale tomorrow! :wink3:

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the show in Holmdel, NJ. I just requested that one.


I want to go to the Camden & NYC shows...but I don't know if I'll be able to go yet.


what about you? NYC? :)




woah! I just saw this!! lol


yea, well I ended up getting tix for both shows.. 9/6 and 9/7 AND today I got an e-mail that told me I had been selected for the presale lottery.. again!! I wrote the musictoday.com people.. and I asked them if this means I can get additional tixs or swap them for better/closer seats.. they wrote me back and said no exchanges.... HOWEVER they did give me another access code if I wanted to purchase additional tixs!!! :idea2:

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