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It does not look good... ! :cry: ... ! They have the Tv's on in work... and I can't find it in myself to look at them. !


It has also gone extremly quite on the phone !

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I am watching live feed from SKY news... PM Blair on right now.... :stunned: I can't believe this... I feel so numb!! Its like 9/11 all over again..... I am scared. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. :embarrased: I know how you feel.

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To you people in London & UK right now and those who'll be here later- my deepest condolences and sympathies... Love all of you guys and hope that you and all your family and friends are alright. I'll keep my thoughts out for you tonight...


Sorry I can't stay and see how it pans out - I was just going off and checking the threads one last time when I saw this one... Sincerely do hope this will be the end of the blasts and no more people are hurt.



For all you people who need this today - Here's a smile for ya :D :D :D

Hope it brightens up your day even if only by a tiniest bit. Peace!



:heart: , :kiss: and hugs

Ai Ling

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i saw a bloke being resuscitated on the news..this is so distressing. And there are still people trapped! I cant begin to imagine how some of those people are feeling

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im in disbelief..ive been glued to the tv for 2hours now..



and you'll be glued to the tv for the next couple of days.... as horrible as 9/11 was... I still find myself drawn to documentaries and tv specials about the footage and stuff.... the stuff is soooooo depressing!! But even 4 years later.. I still HAVE to watch. :cry: :embarrased: I think we all need to beef up the terror alert here in the US... buckle up, we're next. This has nothing to do with the Olympics, or the G8... these cowards have planned it to disrupt the G8, but the agenda has nothing to do with it.. its still all about this damn war. :angry:




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