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They are absolutely awful. Some scrawny guy trying to sound like Kurt Cobain (And doing a damn good job of it- which is a damn bad thing for originality purposes)


"Be my- be my- be my little.. rock and roll, queen" :dozey:


Worst. Ever.

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Brit buzzband Subways took a few shortcuts to the big time


In their not-so-distant early days, Britrock buzzband The Subways used to get stoked about playing for pub crowds of more than 100 people.


These days, their audiences are more likely to number in the 1,000s, so it's nice to learn their enthusiasm for performing has carried over -- in addition to a pedigreed rock sound that puts them head and shoulders above their pop-punk peers.


"Each day is a surprise for us, and each day is weird and brilliant," chirps bassist Charlotte Cooper, who along with fiance Billy Lunn and Billy's older brother Josh Morgan make up the latest trio to set indie-rock scribes salivating.


The Subways shot to fame after winning a battle of the bands competition in Glastonbury in 2004, a feat that landed them a spot on the festival's lucrative Other Stage (the same place Oasis and Coldplay got their start).


Though barely out of their teens at the time, the Hertfordshire trio were soon signed to a major label, and after a well-placed appearance on TV's The O.C., were setting tongues a-wagging on this side of the pond.



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They didn't win the unsigned bands competition outright, it was a tie with Blackbud.


Monday 25th June 07


Butch Vig to produce The Subways 2nd Album/ UK festival warm ups announced!


Dear World,


It gives me great pleasure to let you know that Butch Vig will be producing the band's second album.


The band are currently in an LA studio working with Butch and his engineer Billy Bush on their new material which is sounding enormous.


Butch Vig has produced records, in the past, for bands including Nirvana (Nevermind), Smashing Pumpkins (Gish, Siamese Dream) and Sonic Youth (Dirty). In the mid 90s Butch formed Garbage and had great success as a writer, producer and drummer for the band. He continued to produce bands in this period including Freedy Johnston (This Perfect World), Helmet (Betty) and Soul Asylum (Let Your Dim Light Shine) but with Garbage off the road he is now turning his attention to full time production once again. In 2003 he produced AFI's album 'Sing The Sorrow' and earlier this year finished an album with Against Me (New Wave). The Subways are in fact the first UK band he has ever produced.


The band have been looking for a producer to really capture their live energy on this second album and believe that with Butch they have found someone to create an enormous sound and hope to put together a fantastic follow up to 'Young For Eternity'.


The band met Butch at a their show at The Troubadour in LA, around a year ago. They instantly clicked and invited him onto the tour bus and started making plans.


For further infomation on Butch Vig..





The Subways have recently confirmed the following UK dates prior to Reading and Leeds festivals...


Thursday 9th August

Exeter Cavern http://www.cavernclub.co.uk


Friday 10th August

Newquay Unleashed festival http://www.ripcurlboardmasters.com


Tuesday 14th August

Northampton Soundhaus http://www.thesoundhaus.com


Thursday 16th August

Preston 53 Degrees http://www.53degrees.net


Saturday 18th August

Middlesborough Empire http://www.theempire.co.uk


Sunday 19th August

Aberdeen Moshulu http://www.moshulu.net/


Tuesday 21st August

Stoke Sugarmill http://www.thesugarmill.co.uk


Wednesday 22nd August

Bournemouth Fire Station http://www.oldfirestation.co.uk


Friday 24th August

Reading Festival (Radio 1 stage) http://www.readingfestival.com


Saturday 25th August

Leeds Festival (Radio 1 stage) http://www.leedsfestival.com


The band are really looking forward to getting back on the road and playing out the new material.




On behalf of

Billy, Charlotte and Josh

The Subways

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