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What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

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Prospekt's March.


I have just fallen completely in love with it... the song is just beautiful, and the lyrics are breathtaking.


I've currently been researching the Gallipoli campaign of WWI... and, lyrics-wise, the song seems a perfect fit to be about it. Breathtaking, and so very, very sad. Makes me want to cry each time I listen to it... really feel for those poor soldiers within that horrible mess. The title 'Poppyfields' really seems to make it certain about the meaning, because fields of poppies grew on the battlefields of Gallipoli years afterwards...


"I don't want to die

On my own, here tonight."






Just read that we almost have the same thoughts today -thank you for telling me about Gallipolli, did not know anything about it. Sure there could be a relation to it - Chris studied ancient history so he knows what it is all about.

I love Poppyfields - it's such a mysterious piece of music.

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