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Re : HuntJD


Yes i have toured a few times the Western US for my delight. In August 2006 I toured the Eastern coast and Southern Canada which is beautiful. I also saw whales in St Laurent river. :rolleyes: This a view of NYC from an hour cruise.

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Oh New York City.





But I think we all know how I feel about it! :laugh4: *refrains from going off on an omg yay rant haha*


Took some pictures of New Years at my friends house, just uploading them to my FLICKR account now, then organizing them. I'll put some of my favorites up when it's done ;)

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Thanks :) Yup, I didn't use flash because I knew it'd start doubling and blurring the images. At that point I really wanted to capture the feel of the party and the celebration. I loved the second to last I posted, because I actually didn't mean to have flash off, but it caught my best friend grabbing her boyfriend, which I thought was really cool the way it came out.


yup. /done rambling

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sometimes blurry images are better than in focus ones i reckon.....


mmm can't wait for the G7!!!! btw dani, have you got a name for your camera yet? like one of those inanimate names.... :P

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I agree ;)



haha, oh no not yet! I'll have to ask my friend Alison to name it... she gives a lot of my stuff names? She named a picture on my wall Kramer for me... :laugh4: :thinking:

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Naming cameras, pshaw! :laugh4:


Nah, I have to start thinking for a name for mine too...:thinking:


Awsome pics Dani, I love the blur. Im such a sucker for pictures that display trails of motion. I hate it when people make bad comments on it, I believe it to be highly artistic. Good job!


Here are some experiments I've been working on lately. Tell me if it works, or if I should throw them into the recycle bin :laugh4:







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Actually, I had to desaturate the actual picture, then grayscale it and then recolor it...A whole big mess. I had to edit it digitally, yes. Thanks for the compliment, means a lot :nice:


The actual picture was horrible, I can post it if you want. I cant seem to understand that taking pics while a car is moving is a no-no :laugh4:

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