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Earls Court - 16/04/03

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I was there too, front-row centre with a screaming 'play-shiver' girl lol, I thought feeder were fantastic as well, and its true you had to be really close to appreciate them :) I got some ok snaps, plus ian mcCulloch loobed something that hit my shoulder, because my mate was screaming too much hehe, wicked night

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Seems like we were all quite close together then, I was iun about the place those photos were taken from!


Def. agree that if you weren't near the front then you wouldn't have enjoyed Feeder that much... the acoustics of Earls Court are so bad that they were fine tuned for Coldplay, and Feeder are a much different kind of band. Still... two weeks on, and what a gig...

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To all the people who were there that night:


I was there too, I recorded the show. It came out very well, although as I was at the very back of the stadium, the echo's are apparent, although it is totally listenable. Chris's vocals come out brilliently.


If anyone on here wants a copy, I'm willing to send 1 copy to a reliable person, and leave it up to them to distribute it to all you fans. I dont want anything in return.


Reply to here and decide amongst you who I'm gonna send it to.


UK though please.



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