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Should Coldplay headline Glasto 2007 ?

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Radiohead - Obviously.

U2 - About time too.

Oasis - To make up for last time

Muse - Without doubt.

Macca - Go on Glastonberkins!

Rolling Stones - Quick, before they kark it.

The Darkness - Fuck the hippies, let's rock.

James Blunt - For the love of God.

Coldplay - Really? I mean, really?

Arctic Monkeys - Don't rule them out.

Prince - Now that would be special.

The Cure - So close last year.

Babyshambles - No, don't laugh.

Franz Ferdinand - Could they play it better?

Kate Bush - She's gotta play somewhere.

The Stone Roses - We can but dream

Magic Numbers - So amazing this year.

Pink Floyd - Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan


Looking Good For Glasto 2007

X-clusive: Glasto 2007 – First Headliner Booked


Two years of constant rumours, time-wasting gossip and complete and utter bollocks start here and Michael Eavis reveals that he already has one of the headliners for Glastonbury 2007 confirmed.


As you know, Glastonbury isn’t happening in 2006, organiser Michael Eavis is letting the land on his Pilton Farm recover and concentrating on his 500-strong collection of cows.




If they release a new album before the end of 2006, maybe they'll still be touring on summer 2007. Maybe Glasto 2007 then a long break

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Oh no i didnt know there wasnt going to be one next year, damn!!! I really wanted to go next year as its the 1st year i'd be able to go....noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! :cry:


But it would be excellent if they headlined in 2007, i would be there, no matter what!! :D

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Yeah totally, best festival ever! Would be worth the travel i bet! :)


'Give me weather that does no harm,

Micael Eavis and Worthy Farm,

Give me mud up to my knees,

The best festival in historyyyy-OPEN UP YOU EYEEES' :D


that is so funny! :lol:

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I thought the reason Coldplay headlined 2005 at glasto is because


1. bands dropped out so coldplay filled it at the last minute




2. They did 2005 cause they wanted to do next year but was told it wouldnt be happening so they were then told 2007 would be their next option but they didnt want to wait that long so did it 2005 instead.


Mind you im not saying they cant do both years, but the bands that dropped out were meant to be headlining 2007 instead. I think it was The Strokes and someone else :confused: :huh:


:) :) :)

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I can't see them doing two headlining slots in a row. I think U2 should probably do it, just as a one-off, even though that might ruin it a bit for many non-U2 fans, I concede.


Radiohead would probably be the most obvious choice, they'll be touring next year I expect and that could be the ultimate culmination.



About the headliner already booked, I'd be willing to make a guess that it's Kylie Minogue, what with her not being able to make this year's.

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sorry m'dear, that's not the lineup, its just a poll of which band people would like to see headlining - but that would be a good lineup - new question, if all those bands/artists were present in 2007, which 3 do you think would be headliners?


Stones, U2 & Pink Floyd?

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Who cares who HEADLINES? As long as all those bands friggin' play...


I'm going anyways. I'll be 19 and out of high school, hell yes. :lol: I'd be happy to see any of those bands, really.

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