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Which Coldplay songs can YOU play?

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Clocks, SoS, Trouble... because my keyboard isn't touch-sensitive (if that's how you say it)! Like, there's no way to get a soft note, so songs like Politik and The Scientist sound bangy and ugly. :cry:


That's one goal in my life: to get a good piano.

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...wow, that's great! It would be great if I could play so much songs like you two... I've just learnt clocks on the piano, ... without being able to play the piano... (I'm a little proud :blush: )

...... a good advice for everybody :rolleyes: : If you have the opportunity to learn an instrument by getting lessons, then learn an instrument which can be used in a lot of situations!

For example: I can play well the Violoncello, okay, good, but you can't use it for Coldplay.... so that it sounds authentic....

so I've been forced to learn the guitar and the piano (I'm still learning)


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I can play a lot of songs...

on the piano:

Politik, In My Place, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, The Scientist, Clocks, Amsterdam, Trouble, Fix You, X&Y, Speed of Sound, The Hardest Part, Swallowed in The Sea, Ladder to the Sun, Gravity

On the Guitar:

GPASUYF, Swallowed in the Sea, Yellow, The Hardest Part, Warning Sign, Clocks, Amsterdam, Ladder to the Sun, Kingdom Come..

gosh, I hope I'm not missing any :lol:

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