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Live 8 Reduce poverty Live NOW COMBAT MALARIA

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Poverty is very awful especially in Kenya i've been there and i've seen it. What is worse is a child dying every minute of malaria. Because of the poverty they can't get the antibiotics to treat malaria. But you can help to fight malaria. MOSQUITO NETS are the most efficient and easiest way to prevent malaria. Please see my website http://www.worldswimformalaria.com/kerribovey to see how you can help. 1 net is £3 and can save up to 3 small childrens lives. If music can raise money then i'll try anyway I can to help this cause.

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Excellent yes it's easy


Hey thankyou so much for trying you're the first person to take an interest on this website and the problem is I think that most people think it's a fraud or a money making tactic. That's not the case at all if you look at the website you'll see a proper charity number and sponsors. Something you can't make up!!! Here is the website you can set up your own page.




I wish you the best of luck and if you need anymore ideas email me. I'm doing a sponsored swim and also raising money through local events in my village by making stuff to sell e.g. cakes etc :)


[email protected]

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