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crystal meth is good for babies

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awwww you bought a house?How cool...ah I so want to be married it must be such a great feeling to know there is someone who belongs to you...this may sound a bit old-fashioned, but I like this idea...I went to church the other day and thought of being married...nice feeling:blush:


it will be ours this Friday!



and Ricky, I meant lonely on coldplaying.com...there was NOONE around!


Thankies Lorenita :kiss:

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I heard this statement on the television about a trial involving a black man who was released from prison after years of a false trial due to the fact that he was black and it was a trial taken place when KKK influence was abundant.

The man who said this was an onlooker of that case.


"Racism is more powerful than facts because its illogical. It's emotional, and thats why facts don't matter."


That is powerfully true. Back then and now. How sad.

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