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September 6th - Sigur Ros at the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta (15th row)

September 28th - Coldplay at Philip's Arena, Atlanta (Sec. 212)

October 29th - Death Cab for Cutie at The Tabernacle, Atlanta (First row floor)

November 17th - Beethoven's Eggmont Overture, Piano Concerto, and 5th Symphony at the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta (Upper Balcony)

Febuary 14th, 2006 - Sigur Ros at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (VIP 1st class reserved)

March 3rd, 2006 - Coldplay at T.D. Waterhouse Center, Orlando (Floor) <-- Hopefully *Wrings hands*


This year was my concert year. It was especially cool considering that I had never been to a concert before. :D


Sigur Ros blew my mind

Death Cab was amazing because I was so close and was able to meet them

And Coldplay fails description. Really.

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I'm so excited for Death Cab!!


...You need to tell me how in the hell you got floor tickets to Coldplay. We were going to get them... and they were gone. Just VANISHED. I need to find a way... Need to...


Oklahoma City, Chicago, Omaha, Dallas... I don't care... I'll go to either...

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i hope you all have a great time at t he DCFC show, i am so jealous. BOTH times they were playing in NY i was in the hospital. :angry: i can't wait to hear some of their new stuff live, i have some of their shows and they are so great.

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presale' date=' november 17th..........i saw the auction seats are great too and they're still available aren't they??? a little pricier tho.... :/[/quote']


yeah, tix for Continental Airlines Arena in NJ hit $300 the last time i checked.

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Going to see the sweet light show at the Aussie Pink Floyd show tonight here in Houston. Gonna be DOPE!!!11one


Just found out Sigor Ros is the same night as Coldplay here. That is teh suck, cause I'm not giving up my CP floor seats for them. Ever.

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Well todays my recover day for a super mad week of musical goodness


Satuday - Oasis/Foo Fighters/Razorlight/Coral/Subways - Noise And Confusion, Cardiff

Sunday - Kaiser Cheifs/Maximo Park/Hard-Fi/Editors/Chas & Dave!! - Brixton

Monday - Ben Folds!! - Brixton

Tuesday - Coldplay - Earls Court


And been working every other day around it :dozey:


It's a week later and i'm resting up my tired ass!!! :cool:

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I don't really have any concerts I'm going to anytime soon (that I know of), but I sure went to my fair share this past year...


Muse (April)

Billy Corgan (June)

Garbage (August)

Kasabian/Ben Folds (July)

Weezer (July)

Weezer/Foo Fighters (September)

Coldplay (September)

Audioslave (October)

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