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POLITIK's addapted lyrics

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Hi, I read here somewhere that Martin addapted Politik's amazing lyrics to the city where he was performing it at the moment...can someone give me a couple of examples?

I gotta be honest, Coldplay is the first group I've seen that performs way much better live than in studio....usually artists suck when performing live, Coldplay just keeps getting better and better! Blame it all upon, a rush of blood to the head...

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Well at Atlanta Chris switched around to give shout outs to all the big musical artists that lived in Georgia. Something like:


Give me Elton John and REM

Give me Lil' John and somethingsomething...


And also said something like

"Give us lots of love

Because we've got Georgia on our minds"


And I know at Glastonbury he changed the lyrics to address the horrible weather:


"Oh give me weather that does no harm

Micheal Eavis and Worthy Farm

Oh give me mud up to my knees

The best festival in history"


And thhhheennn... at Koko:


"Give me love and let me know

Coldplay's biggest fans come to Koko"


:D Those some ones I can think of strait off my head. I hope someone can reply with a more accurate set of lyrics from the Atlanta show. It was so amazing that I was in a sort of haze the whole time and don't remember much in the way of 'details'. :lol:


Hope that helps!


Oh, and you're totally right on the live thing. My friends wonder why I have so many live songs of their's and that's exactly why. :)

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