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Is it just me or does anyone else not like Gravity

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I do like the 'Embrace' version as well, alot!....but have to say I do like 'Coldplay's interpretation even more....


Deeply heartfelt and hauntingly beautiful....


Couldn't be happier to have finally gotten this song!!


"sigh" Now, if only we could get a studio version of 'Ladder to the Sun'

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I didn't like Coldplay's version right off, but it has grown on me.


It seems to indicate the direction Coldplay might go in their next album, particular with Sigur Ros styling near the end of the song.


Both versions are good in their own right.


Embrace's is a little more poppy, whereas Coldplay's is a little more ambient and aural.


Can't wait for the next album

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well overral, i LOVE both versions.

i like the lyrics better to the live version,

i like the sound to the studio verison. its just, in the studio verison, when he says PUSHES on everyone, it just drives me insaine. its supposed to be PULLS on everyone, the extra syllable just makes me.. all.. AH. but gravity never fails to melt my heart everytime i hear it =)

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