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Top 10 artists of all time! CLOSED!!!!!

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1. Coldplay!

2. REM!

3. U2!

4. Radiohead!

5. Elbow!

6. Muse!

7. The Shins

8. Keane

9. The Strokes

10. Arcade Fire


If I took more time, I could get a better list, but I'm 100% positive the top 6 are my fav artists ever!! (REM could almost be #1: I've loved them since i was 3!!) :D

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1. coldplay

2. the strokes

3. dave matthews band

4. U2

5. the beatles

6. ben folds

7. the arcade fire

8. keane

9. belle and sebastian

10. beck

11. my morning jacket

12. kings of leon

13. snow patrol

14. death cab for cutie

15. jem

16. the postal service


sorry guys...i couldnt do top 10. and those arent really in order. they are all equal to me...

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so what happens on jan. 31 then? do you search through all 20 pages to reduce the artists down to the final 100? this isn't really organized......if there's not gonna be a winner, you may as well make this thread continuous.


btw mine:


EDITED LIST (sorry for the inconvenience, but you see, I forgot Coldplay :P :lol: ) :


1) ------->PINK FLOYD<-------

2) U2

3) The Beatles

4) Led Zeppelin

5) The Tragically Hip

6) Coldplay

7) Rolling Stones (I don't like these guys, but I've got a grudging respect for them, seeing as they've lasted so long and are still really good.)

8) Incubus

9) Queen

10) Nirvana

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^ at home i make an organizing list of every vote,so i don't know why are you thinking it's unorganized.andwhy shouldn't somebody win?...and i don't think this thread will take 20 pages,i'd be glad if it'd take 6-7 pages...

btw here're the current standings(top 20)...with no surprises...


1.Coldplay 253 points

2.Beatles 148 points

3.U2 123 points

4.Radiohead 94 points

5.Oasis 78 points

6.Queen 59 points

7.Pink Floyd 55 points

8.Bob Dylan 51 point

9.Keane 46 points

10.REM 38 points

11-12.The Verve/Richard Ashcroft 34 points

11-12.Franz Ferdinand 34 points

13.Kaiser Chiefs 30 points

14.Sigur Ros 28 points

15.Led Zeppelin 27 points

16.Muse 26 points

17.Robbie Williams 23 points

18-19.Travis 21 point

18-19.Kings of Convenience 21 point

20-21.Michael Jackson 20 points

20-21.The Strokes 20 points

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Re: Top 10 artists of all time! please vote TILL JAN.31.!!!!


this is similar to "top albums of the year"(hopefully egghead won't be angry that i stole this idea...)

please post your top 10 artists of all time TILL JANUARY 31.!!!, in February i will anounce the top 10 or 20!!!the points system is same 1st gets 10 points,2nd 9 points,3rd 8...

hope this thread isn't boring or something like that :)


my rating:



2.Sigur Rós




6.The Doors

7.The Beatles

8.Billy Joel




10. U2??????? :stunned:

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im keepin in mind that these are supposed to be the top 10 artists of ALL time.. so im trying to think like.. not just the last 5 years of my life.. and resisting the urge to write coldplay straight down


1. U2

2. The Beatles

3. Depeche Mode

4. Queen

5. Pink Floyd

6. Led Zepplin

7. Radiohead

8. R.E.M.

9. Coldplay - it hurts to put them so far down the list..

10. Oasis


ask me in another 10 years and this list will prolly change drastically. :P

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