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Is there anyone who has NEVER worn one of these

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im wearing one now...

i think i have about 7 of those... i like them!!!

the colored ones r just for fun, coz they match the clothes, live strong bcause of... well... Lance Armstrong :P



nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not lance armstrong!!! :angry: :P

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I think, wearing these is some kind of dissimulation. I mean, why should I show everybody that I donated something to Make Poverty History or whatever in buying this silicon-wristbands - that's hypocritical. One better donate some money directly via bank transfer, that would help way more... You could tape your account statement on your head then, if you urgently want to show everybody how beneficent you are... but, well... each to their own.

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I had two black ones that said "Music = Life", and "Rock the Arts," but I stopped wearing them because they kept breaking... and I still have that "Livestrong" one because it's the only one that doesn't break. :/


Every wrist band I wear breaks in like... a week... I have massive wrists. 0_o


I used to have the "Rock the Arts" one but they were made of shitty material from Hot Topic!! I just stopped wearing all of mine...i had that one, a green one that said "Good Luck", a black nd white one that says "Support Our Troops" and a Purple one from Kinkos that says "The Purple Promise" lol my bro works there.... :D

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I have a Livestrong one because my aunt who is a cyclist gave it to me. I haven't seen her since and that was like a year and a half ago.

And before my brother left for Iraq my other brother bought all 3 of us kids one that says "Support Our Troops" That's the only piece of jewelry I don't take off.


I didn't know everyone had those now. But I don't care whether they do or not, I wear my two because they both mean something, not because of a fad. Stupid fads.

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I have a 'One' wristband (Make Poverty History from a U2 show) and one that says 'Keep A Child Alive' that I got at my Coldplay concert.


I think they're good, a lot of people ask me what 'One' means (since the only kind you ever see anyone wearing is 'Livestrong' and my white one stands out). I then get the chance to tell people to go to the website and sign up for the cause. It deserves any publicity it can get, in my opinion.


I get teased for the 'Keep A Child Alive' one, though. I don't know why... :/ I think people are uncomfortable to see that I care a lot about things and feel a need to put me down for it.

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:lol: i got a Make Poverty History one i always wear :lol: and this other McDonalds one which i only wore cause i worked there but dont now...


You quit?? When was that?? :stunned:

Do you work for the opposition now?? :huh:

Are you now BK Bonnie?? :P


QUIT?! god no! im still goddam there... :dozey: in fact im stinking of the place right now... i might have a shower soon...


im just not whering that one anymore cause it sucks :lol:

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