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"I just bought..." -- post your recent purchase!

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I just bought a robot named Steve he makes spaghetti whenever I want.


But he doesn't understand that I only like thin spaghetti. He insists on making me thick spaghetti.


I wonder how far he will continue to test me. Everytime he serves me the spaghetti here says "Here is your THIN spaghetti" in the most condescending voice imaginable. And every single time it is actually thick spaghetti.


I think I'll wait until he falls asleep tonight. Then I'll enter his den and club him to death with a wooden mallet.


I will be his undoing.


Dammit, Steve.

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two trousers same design different colours, sadly couldn't find the ones i properly like (many pockets and zips), plus I couldn't decide between the only colibrí, and the colibrí & firefly shirt though, probably i will get them next week or so. :)

and btw while i was paying them 'Hurts like Heaven' was playing on the shop.

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