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"I just bought..." -- post your recent purchase!

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I found Issue 1 of the MX comics for sale in the local music/book/comic store not too long ago! The sticker said it had been at the store for a year, so it was about time someone bought it haha.

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I just bought a collection of 10 buttons/pins of some of my fav things!!

7 of Coldplay (fav band)

1 of Resident Evil (fav guilty pleasure(s))

1 of a Smiley Face (fav mood)

1 of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (fav movie)

There are still some fav things missing but I'll get them someday



"I live to see the world"


My reaction when I saw this.


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Pepperoni and cheese are the most common here in the US...I found that pepperoni varies a lot though. Some pepperoni slices used are just dry and horrible and sometimes they're fine.


I totally thought you were from Germany lol.....

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One of the cool things I do here is go hunting for hard-to-get-at-home Oldplay releases online and in used record shops... :D


That's not the only reason for your trips, right haha?

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That's not the only reason for your trips, right haha?


Yes of course. I have so much money that I don't know what to do with it, so I travel all over the world hunting down rare Coldplay releases. And when I have them all, I use the rest of the money to fly Chris in and have him sign all of my discs. And with the rest of the rest of my money I fly him in a second time to have him play I Ran Away live to me and my friends.



Of course not. I am doing research in the US for a couple of months, that's why I'm here. :)


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