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"I just bought..." -- post your recent purchase!

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...a ticket out of the country

I'd say: come over to Belgium but politics in my country are pretty complicated too.

But we are great in making compromises if needed.

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Guest diogo_sg
True :) i dont come here so often anymore, mainly because this message board is pretty confusing to me lol i feel a bit lost, its totally diferent hehe

Hahaha! I see. Well, I hope you're able to come here more often [emoji4]

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Guest diogo_sg
2 Trolls: Branch and Poppy.


They are a gift for my 2 little nieces. :)

My goddaughter is CRAZY about Trolls!! We gave her a Poppy plush this Christmas and she started screaming! She was so happy! [emoji14]

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Actually, I also bought something recently. I ordered it in the Merchandise on the Friday of previous week and got it delivered last Friday, a week later so.....






I'm really happy with it ! It just looks like Jonny's kinds of hats he wears during this era, amazing :)

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I couldn't believe it when I saw this scarf as I was mooching around a charity shop today ... it's covered in 'BIRDS' CONFETTI !!!

It could have been made for the AHFOD tour ! It'll be coming to Cardiff with me on July 11th.IMG_1766.thumb.JPG.f80aa03a583ca1c012d05ed45deba2c0.JPG .

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