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Random Coldplay thoughts...

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I made this mashup of Every Teardrop and Born Slippy about 10 years ago. Posted it to the board using some file sharing site then forgot about it. Decided to upload it to YouTube today. Wasn't sure where else to put this. It's a banger. Enjoy 



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I just wanted to say, after 5 years of being part of the Coldplay fandom, first on Coldplaying, now on Coldplaying, Twitter and other platforms, a wonderful thing happened today: Coldplay followed me

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I was listening to Ghost Stories and came suddenly to the realisation that 'Midnight' is the exact middle song of the album. Does anyone know if there has been a reason for this? For me Midnight is the most typical Ghost Stories track; just so cold, it only really comes in when you need it. 

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