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Random Coldplay thoughts...

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I just wanted to say, after 5 years of being part of the Coldplay fandom, first on Coldplaying, now on Coldplaying, Twitter and other platforms, a wonderful thing happened today: Coldplay followed me

Today exactly 5 years ago, I joined the Coldplaying community and I don't regret that that. To be honest, it's probably one of the best things that have happened in my life! I had never thought I woul

On this day exactly 5 years ago, a young and innocent person who was just getting really into Coldplay wanted to sign up on a forum called Coldplaying. Faced with the question of what to pick as a use

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My friend is going to a different university and emailed me about all the different clubs at her school (mine hardly has any as far as I know!). So I replied that I was going to start my own, and she said "What, the Chris Martin Lovers Club?"


....that was exactly what I had in mind!



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I was just watching an SNL special on VH1 and Coldplay's performance of VLV was played ...part of the performance was aired, but the song played in the background of the last 2 -3 minutes of the special. They used it during the ending credits and everything. The special was 2 hours long...but it was totally worth it. haha It was called: Saturday Night Live-2000s. :) Made my day.

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I'm going to concert next month.. Planning to show up in my Coldplay t-shirt! :thinking::smug:


that's cool :cool:


It suks that EMI won't let me watch Coldplay videoes on youtube! :(


:cry: I can't watch their videos on youtube either. EMI won't let me :mean: so I have to watch them from other people who upload them there.

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It's silly, because it's their official youtube channel!!! I would understand if they blocked other people's videos,but theirs? My country is not good enough for EMI, it seems :dozey:

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