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Just got the photos back from the Jonny's camera which I caught at IOW! I'll put them up tomorrow morning when I have more time. To be honest theyre not quite as good as I hoped because there are only 3 backstage (one of these is a random guy). but there are some priceless ones of the crowd (steph, carley, louise and me) all looking absolutely manic! anyway i'll put them up tomorrow on photobucket.


hold your breaths!!!!!!

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yeh that's my name :) im the completely crazed looking guy in the green x&y tshirt with the bad hair!

I agree on the crazed look, haha (I don't wanna know what I look like on the disposable camera pics somebody out there must have at home...good grief), the shirt is great, but I don't agree on the hair. Bad hair? I don't see any bad hair ;p

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That's so awesome that you are in the pics!!! You guys look crazy! :P

Thanks for posting them.


So the ones with the random guy and shirtless Chris is cool because that girl in the back has a video camera! Which could mean she is filming for the DVD, which is super exciting because, yay, we all can't wait for the DVD!



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