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which is the first song of coldplay which you listened to ?

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I was aware of Coldplay for a while before I became a true fan. When I first heard "Yellow" my initial reaction was that it was a pretty cool little song.


The song that cemented me being a fan is "In My Place". I heard them sing it on the MTV European Awards Show in '02. I fell in love with the song at once.


I started downloading many of their songs and found that I liked almost all of them, which is rare for me to like many songs by one artist.


So yeah....that's my story :-)

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Clocks. I heard it on the radio on the way home from university, so between 2003-2004 probably? :laugh3: I loved it instantly. Like no other. Eventually I found the video online and liked that too. Then I forgot about them for a long time. Then I created a MySpace and wanted a song for it. So I looked for Clocks again. Then I saw other videos by Coldplay and thought "OMG, where the f%$# have I been these past years!!!:veryangry2:



*(I'm angry b/c I could have seen them and had early access to tix because they played 2 times at my uni while I was attending!!!!!*#$%^&)


But I was friggin clueless!:laugh3:

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"Yellow", on the radio, around 9 pm though I can't remember the exact date, in the last quarter of the year 2000. I was 12. That year my parents had divorced and my father split. "Yellow" touched me very profoundly and I felt as raw as a slab of meat freshly cut from the hindquarters of a cow (pretty simile, huh? ;) From that moment on I fell head over heels in love with Coldplay. My love for them has never waned, and 8 years down the track "Yellow" still has the power to make me sob my heart out every time I listen to it.


Coldplay rocks, man. :cool:

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Yellow, on the radio. And I hated it back then. I thought it was crap. :D


But the song was so popular on the radio that they kept playing it everyday, so I had no choice but listening to it and... ended up loving it so much. :nice:

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