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Bah, the website is on its way for a while, I already stopped whining about that! :lol:


Now I just have my fingers crossed for a concert earlier than May in some place I can access. But I have to admit it'd be nice to have a new record in spring to keep my mind sane during exam time :anxious:

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So, as they are recording the new album, they already released some of it in a nice app. There's a new song hidden in it and the app is for free. One problem is that you should have a device that is able to deal with apps, non? Guess I have to steal someone's iPad to get the app :(


but anyway, it looks niiiiiice!

The app is available to everyone from 25th Sept onwards :D :D :D


and they have a new instagram account to keep us fans updated :)



I might go to their show in London. Otherwise I have to wait till next year to see them I think :'X

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hey, did you guys see Mew's new video thing with fans?

I signed my email to mew365.com and I was selected to be a part of Mew’s music video for ”The Night Believer”



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