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My favourite on High Violet is still Conversation 16. Song of the year for me so far.


Really? I really like it but I don't know, for me this song is pretty far from being the best of the album, let alone the best of the year.

I find it really hard to pick a favourite off of High Violet actually. I think it's either Afraid of Everyone, Bloodbuzz Ohio or Sorrow imo.

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Today decided it was time for a couple new albums, so scanning through my infinite list of 'music I'll check out eventually...' I downloaded 'High Violet' (and Rachel's 'systems/layers'), and it's growing on me at an alarming rate.

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Are there any differences?

just in the opening verse and beginning of the chorus. The early version seemed to reference Dimitri's character in the book where it says 'blamed by the law' instead of 'led to the flood'. Also the beginning seems to be 'you don't save them anymore, for the rest for the rest of the night'. It's silly but I emote more with the sound of the first version.

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